GRIM 18 Spring/Summer 2020 Edition Now Available

Grim is a not-for-profit (cost only) retro grunge styled, hand-made, xeroxed dark art zine. Grim 18 is 56 pages of dark art and features both visual artists and writers from several continents, some of whom include:

A brilliant ‘mood-setting’ front cover image from Antoine Monmarché (right), 6 superbly dark photographs from artist Mikel Balerdi (he’s Grim’s feature artist in this edition!), 3 weird and creepy collages from Françoise Duvivier, excellent painting from Matt Brown and Perfidious Crow. That’s not all. there is work from Peter and David Heaton, Robert Johnson, Robert Kerber. Grim 18 writers include Dean M. Drinkel with a super 6 page piece titled ‘St Valantine and the tree of flesh’, A. J. Spencer with ‘Perception’, Joseph Simons with ‘Noodles’ and of course other textual content kindly supplied by The Suicidal Rabbit. Grim 18 really has developed into something more than just page after page of images and has become, thanks to its diverse content and very kind contributors, something much, much more engaging. Grab a copy…

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Grim Zine – ‘like taking a nightmare and encasing it in glass…’  Click this to see all editions

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