Initial thoughts (November 2017)
Grim is a not-for-profit (costs only) retro grunge styled, hand-made (where possible), xeroxed dark art zine with a strong bias toward dark imagery and texts. Grim was inspired by indie street publications of the 70’s and 80’s, most notably band flyers like those from Sniffin’ Glue, Ramones and Siouxsie and the Banshees. This form of rough reproduction fits my work perfectly and serves to enhance the mysterious and, in part, the enigmatic nature of the images and texts. So, Grim together with my style of art are a perfect fit I wish I’d thought of this years ago!

Seeing my work through ‘cut and paste’, scissors and glue methods together with the use of found materials is very exciting for me and results in something visually interesting. Grim isn’t about any meaningful allegory, instead it is intended to be something relatively quick to put together and engaging to browse through; it’s also about being able to touch and hold something tangible rather than the (almost) ephemeral nature of digital images which languish on our hard drives and rarely looked at. This is why I make Grim.

Money is not my motivation and as long as my printing and delivery costs are met I’m happy. It’s all a bit of an experiment so I’ve no idea if any of you will want Grim but I’ve only a limited number ready to go right now but because they’re so easy and quick to make I’ll have new stock ready in a couple of days if I need to.

An update at time of writing (July 2020)
So here we are nearly 3 years later, how has Grim evolved?

1. It’s got more pages, LOTS more pages! Edition 1 had just 3 double sided A5 pages making a total of 12 folded pages; Edition 19 has 14 double sides pages making a total of 56 pages! I suppose this is a natural development driven by my want to include more stuff because you guys want it. As each edition passed the more popular it bacame and more and more artists and writers wanted to contribute; it all snowballed. There is a self-imposed limit, though, to how many pages I can include, restricted by how tricky it has become to sew them together. It seems that 56 pages it the max.

2. Now that Grim Zine has become more popular and has a hard-core following who share, more and more kind contributors are getting in touch to offer up their artworks and writing. It’s truly humbling when I look back and realise just how many superb dark artworks, and that goes for writing too, have been sent to me since edition 1.

3. Since edition 14 I thought it would be a good idea to include artist interviews giving readers (and me!) an insight into the minds and thought processes of other dark artists; this, together with the dark stories, has cemented Grim into a much more wholesome read which now appeals to a wider audience of dark appreciators.

So nearly three years into it I am blown away with how much interest there is in Grim Zine; I’ve very proud of what it’s become. It’s because of Grim’s very kind contributors; its dark visual artists & writers that Grim is where it is today – thank you all so much.

And Finally… (Summer 2021)
All good things come to and end, so they say; and so Grim Zine has finished its run, for the time being at least. I’m one of those that needs to try new things otherwise I do get a bit bored. Grim had a 4 year run which was waaaay longer than I thought it wod last so I’m happy. All that said though, I’m not ruling out mre Grims in the form of a special edition perhaps, or themed editions and I’ll give this more thought when the Grim bug catched me once more.

Update (Summer 2022)
It’s back with a special edition dedicated to generative art. Yes, I couldn’t help myself, seeing all this wonderful AI art around (and using it myself) I just had to make GrimAi Edition 22… more info soon.

Here are a few sample pages from previous editions of Grim Zine

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