Important Informtion About EU Orders

Since the UK left the EU, fully as of 2022, TAX/Import Duties are now payable at your local VAT/GST rate when the books are imported. Have a look at this website which shows you the current rates for your country; note that books do have a lower rate of tax, some like Norway and Ireland are 0% tax rated while other countries are rated between 4% and 12% so it is worth checking this out before you buy.

This tax is payable when the book is imported and will be charged by the shipping company prior to making the delivery. The shipping company may (not certain) also make an additional administrative charge of around €3 – €10. If this is paid promptly it shouldn’t slow down the delivery of your book. If the purchase is made by a business or institution then you will be able to reclaim the GST/ VAT as you would for local purchases. I would welcome any feedback on your experiences of buying books from the U.K. to enable me to keep this information up-to-date.

These charges must be paid by the customer. This is a far from ideal situation from a UK sellers standpoint.

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