Grim Dark Art Zine is a hand-made retro styled photocopied A5 fanzine. It’s a collection of my own dark art work together with the painting, illustration, drawing, collage and stories from many kind contributors.

‘Grim is like taking a nightmare and encasing it in glass – The imagery, the wording, all of which lend a hand to the destifying nightmare that’s so stunning if you let it be. The images, while potentially disturbed, are also the most beautiful, and captivating. The unwashed honesty of what you see in Grim, aswell as what’s not seen is what makes this so unique – You won’t be dissapointed!!’ (from a Grim customer)

It is this bringing together of other very talented dark artists and writers that allows Grim to be what it is today:  a dark journey, one with mysterious ambiguities, dark imagery and a little humour here and there. Remember though, in part Grim has twisted ideas and dark art nudity which may exceed good taste standards; it’s NSFW!

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