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Grim was inspired by the fanzines of the late 70’s and 80’s; a quick and cheap way of getting ‘out there’. I grew up with late 70’s flyers and band zines and it was immediately after I found my copy of a 1976 ‘Sniffin’ Glue’  fanzine that I knew that I had to follow suit in similar tradition. Yes, things have changed dramatically since 1976, particularly technologically speaking, but the principal still remains; make an indie fanzine using cut and paste, sellotape and glue and pop down the library and use their photocopier machine. What better way to create something exciting by just using basic materials. Yes, we now have computers, digital cameras etc. and yes, I use Photoshop to ‘tweak’ certain things for Grim but I have my own strict (ish) rules: don’t use Photoshop (too much), use basic techniques were possible, use found materials, use public forms of reproduction (photocopier), work quickly and don’t think too much. In the main this all works out great, particularly when I apply the ‘don’t think too much’ rule; thinking often inhibits creativity, in my case at least.

The main thing for me when creating this zine was to do so without monetary motivations; Grim is made on a ‘not-for-profit’ model i.e. as long as my production costs are met I’m happy. I’m a big fan of this model and I think it’s particularly useful for artists to propagate their work and to find a following. Grim is made for fun – not for profit.

So there it is then, Grim is a monthly collection of my own dark art work together with collage, found materials and the work of many kind contributors, be it drawings, illustrations or text in the form of short stories. Together, Grim is a dark journey, one with mysterious ambiguities, dark imagery and a little humour here and there. This is what one customer said about Grim:

Grim is like taking a nightmare and encasing it in glass – The imagery, the wording, all of which lend a hand to the destifying nightmare that’s so stunning if you let it be. The images, while potentially disturbed, are also the most beautiful, and captivating. The unwashed honesty of what you see in Grim, aswell as what’s not seen is what makes this so unique – You won’t be dissapointed!!

Make no mistake though, in part Grim has twisted ideas and dark art nudity which may exceed good taste standards, so be aware.


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Technical Details:

  • Grim is printed on standard 80gsm photocopier paper in A5 portrait format (approx 148mm x 210mm).
  • Collection of my own photography/found materials in addition to short stories, text and artworks from many contributors.
  • Black and White photocopy.
  • From 12 to 56 pages (depending on month).
  • Hand made and hand sewn spine.
  • A ‘not for profit’ production.
  • Signed by me!


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