Dark Art photobook: ‘Haunting Humans’

A shoutout to UK based models:

⦁ Male and female
⦁ all shapes and sizes
⦁ any age (over 18 and under 150!)
⦁ open to all your collaborative ideas/suggestions.

To collaborate with me with the aim to produce images for a photobook (yes a real book!): ‘Haunting Humans’. Shoots will be from my home studio near Swansea; they will involve some degree of nudity and working with modeling/face clays, fake blood, face paints, masks, props etc. so it will be a bit messy (and a bit weird). The images will have a similar ethos to those you’ll find on this site and on my Instagram, in that they will be dark, grungy, mysterious, otherworldy and have an art house horror slant.

⦁ Requesting a collaboration
⦁ travel costs can be met
⦁ all models will receive hi-res digital images of all edited final works (approx 5 – 10 )
⦁ featured models (who appear in the book) can purchase the book at cost
⦁ no restrictions on image use; a link/profile must be shown when shared.

I do not supply any raw/unedited images simply because they’re unfinished! Models receive hi-res images printable up to A3 and won’t be watermarked and can be used for any purpose – no restrictions. I aim to deliver final images within 3 to 4 weeks of the shoot.

Please send me a message/questions if you’re interested.

The proposed working image to be used somewhere on the front book cover:

Landscape Orientation
Full Colour/Tint,
Page Count TBD

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