NEW: Grim Edition 14 release date sometime in late July/August.

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Yes it’s true! After a period of illness, and where I thought Grim was going to be no more, Grim is back with edition 14. The release date Friday 5th July.

Making a Grim every month was a challenge, I knew that, it was probably a bit much for me, but I’m stubborn and was determined to complete the sequence of 1 years’ worth of Grim Zine’s.But I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last Autumn; it hit me for six and this is why nothing has been going on here for months – until now!!

Now, with the help of drugs, the RA is under control and I feel much more positive and enthused. But I have decided that one Grim a month is not now going to work for me and instead I’m going to try a seasonal Grim; a total of 4 in a year – each of 40 pages. That’s my aim at least.

So, Friday 5th July – Grim Edition 14 Summer!