Northbarrow Institute for the Criminally Insane existed as a forward thinking institute researching modern medical treatments and providing relief for those with moderate and severe mental disorders. With few details, it is not clear why Northbarrow seemingly retreated from the public gaze, although one letter was found which goes some way to providing a possible clue.

“I read the file on Northbarrow with a mixture of curiosity, revulsion, fascination and, at times, horror. As someone who has worked as a professional in Mental Health Services for a number of years, the Northbarrow files gave an insight into a number of obscure and often undocumented conditions.

However, with further reading it became clear that the chief clinician, Doctor Lester Praetorian, viewed the institute as his private kingdom where he ruled with all the compassion of a despot. What horrified me most of all is that Northbarrow was investigated and later shut down, less than 40 years ago. From both a personal and a professional point of view, I am sickened that such barbarism was allowed to be practiced unchecked for so long and in a civilised society such as ours.

Here then are a collection of images describing Northbarrow and its patients.

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