150 pages, full colour (full bleed, 170gsm)
Dimensions: 205mm x 205mm / 8″ x 8″ (square)
Laminated Cover
Note: Contains nudity
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Some would say I’m a project orientated photographer/digital artist, that is to say I tend to prefer a longer themed photographic project to get my teeth into. Northbarrow started fairly modestly in early 2014 with a notion of a panopticon and it’s inmates and what that could have looked like. It quickly got out of hand and spawned Northbarrow Institute; a story revolving around the institute’s sadistic doctor. Supporting texts kindly written by several contributors helped create a horrifying account of Dr. Praetorian and his experiments on some of the most vulnerable inmates. A chance discovery by a local TV crew changed Northbarrow forever. It’s a story of disclosure and intrigue.


This is a volume describing the disturbed and troubling history of Northbarrow Institute for the Criminally Insane. An asylum with a dubious and unsettling record of appalling punishments and untested medical procedures.

Never far from controversy and scandal, Northbarrow is situated in bleak isolation on the North Yorkshire moors. Opened on 3rd January 1949 it was clinically advanced for its time and was heralded as ‘the new way to treat vulnerable patients’. Technologically and scientifically trained, its staff opened the first modern treatment centre to care for patients suffering with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. Those who exhibited such symptoms were, until quite recently,  commonly referred to as imbeciles, retards, idiots and feeble minded.

Northbarrow was given substantial funding for the study and relief of many mental health conditions, and early studies reported interesting findings using several treatments including vaccinations, electro-convulsive therapy, immersion environments, insulin therapy and others. Northbarrow was the first to ignore controversial  lobotomy treatments in favour of more ‘humane’ procedures.

However, shameful scandal forced Northbarrow’s immediate closure in August 1989. This volume, then, attempts to piece together fragmentary information relating to Northbarrow’s fall from grace, its inmates and patients and  its psychiatric doctor, Dr L Praetorian.

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You can buy a copy of this book here using Paypal

“Dr Lester Praetorian … now there’s a name I hadn’t heard in a long time. I worked briefly as a trainee psychiatric nurse under Dr Praetorian in the early 70s, so I was interested to read how Northbarrow had fared under his clinical lead. As someone who knew him, albeit briefly, I was horrified to read of his experiments on his patients. It’s difficult to equate the hearty, stentorian Doctor I knew with the cold, driven, evil man that Northbarrow turned him into. Working outside of the rules and to his own agenda obviously allowed absolute power to corrupt him absolutely. This is a sickening and shameful document that brings to light a dark period in the health service’s history. I cannot believe that this once caring man became such a monster”
Dr Stephen Scott (Longfield Rehabilitation Clinic)
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