The Dark Art of Roberto Segate: A Retrospective

By Roberto Segate, Dark Art Photobooks

128 pages, 123 pages full colour (full bleed)
Dimensions:  9″ x 11″ (landscape)
Laminated Cover
Note: Contains nudity

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A collection of work from 1996 to 2006.
128 full semi matt colour pages. (also available as an e-book, see opposite)

Purchase a paperback copy via Lulu publishers here.

This book is an indulgent look back at ten years work, from naive explorations, through to much more detailed digital compositions. During the mid 90’s, before decent digital cameras were around, I used ‘hybrid’ techniques to achieve what was in my mind (with mixed success!). It was only when digital cameras supported a decent pixel count that you’ll see how I really got the digital thing – using both analogue together with digital techniques to finally produce what I imagined! It’s an exploration of image and type, the type quite provocative, sometimes humourous, sometimes used simply as visual forms juxtaposed with the models and with the liberal inclusion of grunge elements like stains, scratches and rips. To some degree the images rely on ‘happy accidents’; chance happenings which enhance the images.



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