Fernweh und Heimweh


Fernweh und Heimweh

49 Full Colour Pages (Softcover)
130gsm Silk Finish
A5 (210mm x 148mm) Portrait Format
13 Photographs, 6 Pencil Drawings
(Cover Opposite).

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“A dark tale of loss and belonging, a brief history of an avante garde world. Welcome to the island. Your shadow dreams await.”


Rear Cover text: ‘… I always knew I was not the blood child of my parents, yet I lived in a happy and loving home. So how could it be, that I fell to great periods of melancholy, sick with a longing for home? And yet …. and yet, I wanted the world. To walk through places that have endured for eons, to stand in great forests and listen for the sound of trees falling when no one but me was there to hear it. Was it my fault? Did my parents leave our home to find the source of my restlessness … or were they searching for my roots? I can only follow. And hope that I find answers enough for all of us.’

Story: Tracey Katz
Photography & Design: Roberto Segate
Illustrations: Stephen Scott
Models: baz, silk, jessica, morwenna, kelly, lisa, laurel, linda, freya

I would like to thank all models for enduring discomfort and applied mess during the making of the photographs used here. Without you I would not have been able to put together this book. An equally large thanks to Tracey whose dark tale was an inspiration; your words never fail to impress.



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