Fernweh und Heimweh


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54 Pages
Full Colour/Tinted/BnW
A5 Portrait
21cm x 14.5cm
Semi Matt Finish
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CAUTION: Contains nudity.

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Fernweh und Heimweh, loosely translated as homesick or a longing for distance places, is a dark art illustrated story of a journey to a strange island with strange people; a story of loss and discovery, of terror, fear and of mystery.

Note: This batch of ‘Fernweh und Heimweh’ is reduced by 50% and is being sold at just over cost due to a printing error where some of the text is printed too light. While ledgible it would be remiss of me not to point this out.

Forword by Tracey Katz

Around 4 years ago a friend messages me on Facebook to tell me about this strange and unusual photographer whose page they’d just liked. I navigated to

Roberto Segate Dark Art for a look, not quite knowing what to expect. What I found there, was inspiration. I tentatively started giving the images a thumbs up (this was i the days before you had the option to ‘Love’). Then I began writing paragraphs as comments, little notes on the worlds these images conjoured for me. If those words were beacons, the Roberto noticed them and messaged to ask if I’d like to try writing something longer, based on images he’d send me.

The fist image he sent me began speaking to me at an awkward moment; a sinister, mocking limerick popped into my head as I washed dishes, surrounded by kids and cats. Those words became part of a story, which in turn became part of the dark history of Northbarrow Institute, a place conceived and conjoured from the twisting labyrinth of Rob’s creative mind.

When Rob first started talking about Inch Kenneth, I knew I wanted to follow him there. He populated the island with characters drawn from our fears and phobias, our very nightmares. He told me a little of the incredible history of the real island and those Mitford girls. Then he asked me to journey to the island and make all of it’s wonders and horrors flesh. Rob drew the map, and I just provided the direction.

We hope you enjoy the journey.
Tracey Katz

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