Grim 11 – August 2018


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Rear Cover Artwork Copyright Justell Vonk,

20 pages, A5 Portrait
Hand Made, Hand Stitched
Black and White
‘Not for Profit’ model
Each one signed by me
Same day dispatch.
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Grim 11 – Dark Art Zine August 2018

Excerpt from page 9 of this edition by Declan Bannon:

‘You cry lies, because your lie is a cry for help.
An excuse to share the blame that you’re not the one who is fucked up, that you are the mere end result of something bigger, a symptom of something you can’t deny.
If only I had of listened, I wouldn’t of been exposed to your ill-gotten ways, I wouldn’t shake at the thought of you, grind my teeth at the dream I had of killing you like you were mine to kill.’

Contributors in this edition

becky, silk, linda, hedy, seren, carys, martine

Contributor Imagery:
justell vonk (rear cover), luca monti

The Suicidal Rabbit, Declan Bannon

So, edition 11 is here; only 2 more left before the end of the series. At the beginning of the this Grim voyage I set myself a goal of producing a dark art zine, to include dark artworks and text from contributing artists, for one year, 12 editions. And in view of its success I decided to make a 13th edition; a double edition with 40 pages or more. I saw this as a fitting way in which to end the series. I’ll have more info about this next month 🙂

Once again, without Grims’ kind contributors, this would never have reached as many folks as it has. Thank you so much 🙂

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