Grim 12 – September 2018


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Inside Front Cover Artwork Copyright: Justell Vonk,
Rear Cover Artwork Copyright: The Suicidal Rabbit

24 A5 Pages
Hand Made, Hand Stitched
Black and White
‘Not for Profit’ model
Each one signed by me
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Grim 12 – Dark Art Zine September 2018

Edition 12 September 2012. The penultimate edition. Already! When I set out on this self imposed challenge I wondered whether 13 editions would be too many; would I get bored half way through? Or would I have enough content? What I didn’t account for was the generosity of Grims’ contributors who have adorned its pages since edition 3; sending in illustrations, paintings and text. In this issue we have artworks from dark artist Justell Vonk (Inside Front Cover), The Suicidal rabbit and EM. Dark sombre texts by The Suicidal Rabbit and Declan Bannon. Yes, there is no doubt that Grim is far richer that it would otherwise have been if I were to rely on my own work.

Excerpt by Tracey Katz
‘Patient was found to have soft tissue damage due to tertiary syphilis; however cause of death was advanced sepsis. On examination, the patient was found to have a collection of doll parts (porcelain, plastic and rubber) within her womb and vaginal vault.

Contributors in this edition

polina, carys, stephanie, silk, becky, electric nymph, rascal, ana ray, lana, martine

Contributor Imagery:
justell vonk (inside front cover), EM, the suicidal rabbit

The Suicidal Rabbit, Declan Bannon Jack O’Hare

Excerpt from page 13 of this edition by Declan Bannon:

The beeping of the alarm reverberates around the room and drills into the skull, that and combined with sweat stained sheets and darkened room add to the disorientation. The body shakes, sweat stings the bloodshot eyes as they slowly focus in the dimness, the mind discerns where the body has awoken.

So, the penultimate edition then, and I do feel a little sad and at the same time proud of what we have created. But, let’s not get all nostalgic yet as next months’ final edition will be a biggie; 48 pages (yes, twice the size of the others) of dark art imagery and text. Full info and description next month.

Once again, without Grims’ kind contributors, this would never have reached as many folks as it has. Thank you so much 🙂

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