Grim 13 – October 2018


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48 A5 Pages
Dark art and texts from Grim contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Retro hand cut-and-paste construction
Hand sewn spine
Black and white reproduction
Each copy signed
Not-for-profit (sold at cost).

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Grim 13 – Dark Art Zine October 2018

This is it then, the last edition of Grim zine (it wasn’t!). There have been a total of thirteen editions with 308 pages of dark art and writings made over the course of exactly one year; my self imposed challenge now complete. I wanted this last edition to be somewhat different to the others, you know, a suitable send-off, so I’ve included much more content, particularly textual and most notably, more stories by Grims’ contributors, and they’re legible too, so this is a treat for those that want to actually read Grim! It also comprises several unused pages that didn’t fit from past editions so this one really is a goody-bag edition and quite rightly so as it’s the last.

So what have we got in this last edition? Well, we have beautifully weird and creepy dark art illustrations from The Suicidal Rabbit, Justell Vonk, and EM (and my stuff!). Textual content provided by Declan Bannon, The Suicidal Rabbit and Tracey Katz. Several pages are given over to Tracey’s very dark writings describing transcripts of taped post mortem sessions from Northbarrow Institue’s sadistic doctor. Very disturbing to say the least.  The rest of the edition is filled with strange and weird imagery and texts. Oh, and depending on your brain chemistry you may find some dark humour in there too.

Grim 13 has 48 pages, twice as many as previous editions which is why I need to increase the cost to cover the increase in printing costs. It’s the last edition and it’s worth it 🙂

Excerpt by Tracey Katz
  ‘Patient was found to have soft tissue damage due to tertiary syphilis; however cause of death was advanced sepsis. On examination, the patient was found to have a collection of doll parts (porcelain, plastic and rubber) within her womb and vaginal vault.

Contributors in this edition

martine, nigel, stephanie, electric nymph, kat, becky, linda, mike, sal, lauren, rascal

Contributor Imagery:
justell vonk, EM, The Suicidal Rabbit

Tracey Katz, The Suicidal Rabbit, Declan Bannon

A huge thank you, and I mean a really, really huge thank you
I can’t believe that it’s one year since the inception of Grim zine. It’s been such good fun making these, not least because of the way they’re made (largely without computers) and the way they’re reproduced; using the local library’s photocopier which really does add something to the reproduction by removing something; the tonality is compressed and random artifacts are introduced by worn equipment. The result: perfect imperfection.

I think the biggest thrill for me whilst making Grim is that people actually liked it enough to buy copies! Not only that, it has been the friends I’ve made along the way. It’s humbling to realise that others wanted to contribute to Grims’ pages and have their work alongside mine in this cheap knocked-up magazine. So damn cool! I can’t thank you enough. It’s because of you that Grim has really has become a success. I wouldn’t have been able to make 13 editions, with a total of 308 pages without your kind contributions, that’s for sure! I was unsure of the level of interest in Grim, and whether I’d need to end prematurely. But I needn’t have been concerned and together we made it happen! 🙂

Texts and illustrations (so important to Grims’ dark narratives): Tracey Katz, The Suicidal Rabbit, Declan Bannon, Jack OH, EM, Kim Bo Yung, Marina Schreckling, Justell Vonk.

Models (who endured discomfort and mess) to help create Grims’ imagery: martine, nigel, stephanie h, electric nymph, rascal, kat, becky, silk, linda, mike, sal, lauren, polina, carys, ana ray, lana, seren, hedy, amber, jack, jim, mimi, melody, laura. (I bet I’ve missed someone!)

Once again, without Grims’ kind contributors, this would never have reached as many folks as it has. And thank you to all who have bought copies, thank you all so much, it’s been a beautiful love story 🙂

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