Grim 14 – Summer/Autumn 2019


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Cover Image Giueseppe Lama
44 A5 Pages
Dark art and texts from Grim contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Retro hand cut-and-paste construction
Hand sewn spine
Black and white reproduction on photocopy paper.
Each copy signed
Not-for-profit (sold at cost).

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Grim 14 – Dark Art Zine Summer/Autumn 2019

It’s so good to be back! Yes it’s true, after a period of illness (Rheumatoid Arthritis), and where I thought Grim was going to be no more, it’s back with edition 14. Making a Grim every month was a challenge, I knew that, and it was probably a bit much for me but I’m stubborn and was determined to complete 1 years’ worth of Grim Zine’s. But I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last Autumn; it hit me for six and this is why nothing has been going on here for months – until now!!

Now, with the help of drugs, the RA is under control and with far less pain I feel much more positive and enthused. But I have decided that one Grim a month is not now going to work for me now, instead I’m going to try a seasonal Grim, a total of 4 in a year – each of 40 to 48 pages. That’s my aim at least, we’ll see how it goes.

So what’s in Grim 14? Well it’s packed full of 44 pages of superbly dark stuff as usual: we have beautifully weird and creepy dark art painting and drawing from The Suicidal Rabbit , EM and collage from another of Grim’s contributors Robert Kerber. Textual content provided by Declan Bannon, The Suicidal Rabbit and Tracey Katz. In this edition 8 pages are given over to another of Tracey’s dark masterpieces ‘A Monstrous Regiment‘ (excerpt below).

The superb front cover image for this edition was kindly supplied by digital artist Giuseppe Lama and provides a wonderful opening to Grim 14 (links to his IG and FB below)

Excerpt from ‘A Monstrous Regiment’ by Tracey Katz
‘I feel the pulse and echo of his heart in mine. Fast, strong, fear and defiance; all of his emotions and memories beat within me and around me. The carotid pulse in my jaw, throbbing, waiting to be thankful for what we are about to receive. My hands reach into the hole my eager mouth has made, questing for the prize of his still beating heart.’ 

Once again, without Grims’ kind contributors, it would never have reached as many folks as it has. And thank you to all who have bought copies, thank you all so much 🙂

Credits & Contributors in this edition:

em, laurel, electric nymph, rascal, lana, sal, dean t bates, arol, martine, polina, silk, becky

Stories & Poems:
Tracey Katz (14-21), The Suicidal Rabbit  (7,8,13,22,24,25,30,33,30), Declan Bannon (12, 28), Sophia Disgrace (32)

Digital Imagery:

Giuseppe Lama, Volcano Digital Art (Front Cover Image)

Roberto Segate

Illustration, Painting & Drawings:
EM (24)
The Suicidal Rabbit (13, rear cover)

Robert Kerber (6, 48)

Brian Lewicki (25)

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