Grim 15 Autumn/Winter 2019


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Cover Image  © Robert Johnson
52 A5 Pages
Dark art & texts from 18 Grim contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Retro hand cut-and-paste construction
Hand sewn spine
Black and white reproduction on photocopy paper
Each copy signed
Not-for-profit (sold at cost)

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Grim 15 Dark Art Zine Autumn/Winter 2019

Grim is a not-for-profit (costs only) retro styled, dark art zine and it’s back with edition 15; this time a whopping 52 pages of dark art photography, writing, collage, drawing, painting and illustration. This edition features the the greatest number of contributors since Grim began back in late 2017 with a total of 18 dark artists sending in their work to adorn Grims’ pages. For those of you who like something to read there’s more of that too including work from some of Grims’ regulars, notably, Tracey Katz, The Suicidal Rabbit and Declan Bannon in addition to several pieces from new contributors, and there is an interview with The Suicidal Rabbit, Grims’ go-to writer of dark stuff almost since its inception. The cover features work by fine artist Robert Johnson whose superbly creepy work sets the tone for the inside pages. While the centre pages are given over to talented artist Maria Careto who has illustrated ‘A partial transcript of taped sessions with Annie X’; a very dark story of a psychiatric patient and a dubious doctor, written by Grim regular Tracey Katz.  I say this every time but I really think this edition is even better than the last!

I’m very proud of this edition as it feels more ‘considered’ and designed without losing the grunge ethos which is essential for anything I do 🙂


Credits & Contributors in this edition:


em, nigel, satoricircus, mahogany embers, emily, silk, becky, polina, bas, electric nymph, rascal

Photographs, Illustrations, Collage and Other Compositions

All images by myself except the following
Robert Johnson (front and rear cover)
Robert Kerber (5, 15, 41)
Springheel_Media (7,49)
Dub_13 (photography 6-7)
Giuseppe Lama (Volcano Digital) (18-19, 51)
_maria_joao_careto (centre pages)
Prawn Davies (32,42)
Jase Daniels (36,37)
EM (38)
Marktaljaard (40)


All texts by The Suicidal Rabbit except the following
‘Peel Back the Dusty Sky’ & ‘Fresh out of What I Prefer’ (Russel A. Taylor) (7, 49)
‘Un Petit Maison Du Morte’ (Tracey Katz) (10-13)
‘Requiem’ (Declan Bannon) (16-17)
‘Ten Orders of Desire I, II & III’ (batur.munewer) (23-25)
‘Partial Transcripts of Taped Sessions’ (Tracey Katz) (26-27)
Interview with Prawn Davies (Artist and Grim Writer) (28-29)
‘Crash’ (A.J. Spencer) (44-45)
‘Faith’ (Sophie Disgrace) (47)
Other texts by em (6), _inna_8888 (38), marktaljaard (40)

Credits & Links

chrixtopher/el brujo digital-2019
in collaboration with Mahogany Embers
chrixtopher – IG: @dub_13
mahogany embers – IG: @mahogany_embers

facebook @robertkerberart
facebook @thesuicidalrabbitbooks
facebook @robertjohnson
instagram @_maria_joao_careto
instagram @words_are_swords
instagram @_inna_8888
instagram @marktaljaard
instagram @batur.munevvr
instagram @declanbannon
instagram @prawncoktail
instagram @springheel_media
instagram @jase.daniels
instagram @volcanodigital
instagram @artyj15

To Grims’ contributors; I can’t thank you enough for sending in your works, without this Grim would be a pale shadow of what it’s become. Thank you 🙂

To Grims’ models; thank you for the levels of endurance and dedication you’ve shown in order to help realise my dark visions and help make Grim what it is today. Thank you so much 🙂


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