Grim 16/17 Double Edition Winter/Spring 2019/2020


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More than 80 A5 pages
Dark art & texts from many Grim contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Retro hand cut-and-paste construction
Hand sewn spine
Black and white reproduction on photocopy paper
Each copy signed
Not-for-profit (sold at cost)
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Images above © Linda Syvertsen Grim 16 – © Margo O Sagan Grim 17

Grim 16/17 Dark Art Zine Double Edition Winter/Spring 2019/2020

Grim is a not-for-profit (costs only) retro grunge styled, hand-made, xeroxed dark art zine and this is its first double edition. It comprises Grim 16 and 17 as separate zines with each containing over 40 pages; more than 80 pages if purchased together! Packed with dark art and writing by many dark artists from US, UK to Norway, Sweden & Turkey, in fact this double edition has some pretty meaty written pieces and artist interviews and provides lots to read over Christmas! Dark artworks feature highly too, as well as my own work there are superb art works from artists from all over; not only photography but digital compositions, illustration and painting. In total then, this double edition has 86 pages of dark art and writing, ideal to read while everyone is sleeping-off their Christmas dinner!

What’s in Grim 16

In this edition there are guest interviews from artist Linda Syvertsen and long term Grim writer Tracey Katz, and beautiful story illustration by Maria Careto which spans 5 pages (with a fold-out!) and is based on one of Tracey’s stories; ‘A patient transcript with Johanna Lichtenberg’ with the infamous Dr Praetorian. There’s also a story from Joe Simons – ‘The Forbidden Peanuts’ and more dark words from Bryan Earthscar.  And if this weren’t enough there are excellent dark artworks from Mikel Balerdi, Tolga Akmermer, 8bitpixeldominaand and you’ll see some of my work in here too!. The list below highlight each Grim 16 contributor.


becky, vanessa, sira, martine, mog, gem, electric nymph, rascal, carys, jack, ember

Photographs, Illustrations, Collage and Other Compositions

All images by myself except the following
Linda Syvertsen (front cover)
Straiph Wilson (2)
8bitpixeldomina (5)
Linda Syvertsen (19)
Maria_joao_careto (20 – 23)
Mikel_balerdi_torres (33)
Tolgaakmermer (36)


Bryan Earthscar:
– ‘Seeds of Death‘,  (4)
– ‘From the Rotting Myst’ (10),
– ‘An Offering’ (30)
Joe Simons – ‘Forbiden Peanuts’ (6)
Tracey Katz- ‘Reme, The Writing on The wall’ (12)
Interview – Linda H. Syvertsen (17)
Tracey Katz – ‘Johanna Lichtenberg’ (20-23)
Interview – Tracey Katz (24 – 26)
The Suicidal Rabbit (28, 37)
Bryan Earthscar (38)

Credits & Links

FB @bryan.draffen (bryan earthscar)
FB @thesuicidalrabbitbooks

IG @ bylindasyvertsen
IG @8bitpixeldomina
IG @mikel_balerdi_torres
IG @_maria_joao_careto
IG @words_are_swords
IG @prawncoktail
IG @straiphwilson
IG @tolgaakmermer

What’s in Grim 17

This edition contains dark writings by two of Grims staple writers: the suicidal rabbit and Tracey Katz. In addition is Dean M. Drinkel who has written ‘The Trail of Tears’, a seven page epic tale; Grim hasn’t seen anything like it, and this alone will keep you engaged over the festive period for sure!  Grim 17 has wonderfully creepy illustrations from Rob Johnson and two beautifully dark ink drawings from Rebelrabbitink, I’m so pleased her work is here 🙂 and two equally beautifully dark drawings from rex_muffin There are also digital composites from Volcano Digital Art who has featured in previous editions such is the impressive nature of his work, and now we can see a bit more about what makes him tick because there is an interview with the artist himself! There is also photography from torstenhaberlandfotokunst, paracinemascopic, and katiehuntermoon. All this in one edition! Oh, and you’ll see my photography/digital imaging too 🙂 The list below highlight each Grim 17 contributor.


lauren, em, jack, ember, kat, eda

Photographs, Illustrations, Collage and Other Compositions

All images by myself except the following
Margo.o.sagan (Front and read rear covers)
Robert Johnson (4)
Marina Schreckling (6)
Rebelrabitink (11, 24)
torstenhaberlandfotokunst (12-13)
thegirlcalledlola (17) (18)
volcanodigital (25, 41)
marktaljaard (26-27)
Rex_muffin (16, 37)
Katiehuntermoon (36)
paracinemascopic (38)


The Suicidal Rabbit (3, 6, 17, 26)
Tracey Katz (22 -23, 24)
‘The Trail of Tears’ – © 2019 Dean M Drinkel (28-34)
Volcano Digital Art Interview (8-10) (18)
‘Suffer’ – Declan Bannon (21)
Katiehuntermoon (36)

Credits & Links

FB @Dean M Drinkel (

IG @margo.o.sagan
IG @volcanodigital
IG @rebelrabbitink
IG @declanbannon
IG @paracinemascopic
IG @rex_muffin
IG @torstenhaberlandfotokunst
IG @words_are_swords
IG @thegirlcalledlola
IG @marktaljaard
IG @katiehuntermoonFB @MarinaSchreckling

Credits & Contributors in this edition:

Here’s a list of everyone involved in edition 19 (IG tags). (Front Cover)
@matt.lombard (7 – 14 inc. interview)
@divinechaosart (30-31)
@springheel_media (36, 40 & rear cover inc. interview)
@satoricircus (36, 40 & rear cover)
@mferiol (4,5)
@artyj15 (4)
@batur.munevver (16-17)
@madamenihil (19)
@_maria_careto (20-29)
@words_are_swords (20-29)
@con.bombadil (34-35)
@mixedmedia14 (18)
@declanbannon (34)
@paracinemascopic (44)
@barfordemily (44)
@francyfree (45)
@ihateomen (53)
@thedarkroom_photography (54)
@sophi_katz0x9o6x0 (55)

Grim Contributors – Thank you all so much for sending in your work, I really appreciate it and your work really does make a massive difference to the darkness within Grims’ pages

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