Grim 19 Summer / Autumn 2020


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58 A5 Pages
Dark art & texts from many Grim contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Hand sewn spine
Black and white reproduction on photocopy paper
Each copy signed
Not-for-profit (costs only)
Same day dispatch
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Grim 19 Dark Art Zine Summer / Autumn 2020 Edition

Grim is a not-for-profit (costs only) retro grunge styled, hand-made (where possible), xeroxed dark art zine. Grim 19 contains 58 pages of visual arts and the written word and always has a dark slant. This editions has images and words by artists from several continents:

I’m honoured to have included in this edition the master of dark arts Matt Lombard who has 6 images plus an interview giving us a glimpse into his mind; I’ve always been in awe of his work, as I have of the work of Divine Chaos which is so damn creepy and adorns Grims’ centre pages. Maria Careto has again illustrated a very dark tale by @words_are_swords (Tracey Katz) which spreads several superb designed pages. Dark story tellers feature heavily in this edition too and Dean Drinkel’s ‘Oi Spragides’ is a meaty 7 pages. Other writings include work from @declanbannon with ‘Weeping Angel’ and @artyj15 with ‘Morning People’. And there is another interview with @satoricircus & @springheel_media looking at their photographer/performer relationship.

I’m very proud of this edition as it feels more ‘considered’ and designed without losing the grunge ethos which is essential for anything I do 🙂

Credits & Contributors in this edition:

Here’s a list of everyone involved in edition 19 (IG tags). (Front Cover)
@matt.lombard (7 – 14 inc. interview)
@divinechaosart (30-31)
@springheel_media (36, 40 & rear cover inc. interview)
@satoricircus (36, 40 & rear cover)
@mferiol (4,5)
@artyj15 (4)
@batur.munevver (16-17)
@madamenihil (19)
@_maria_careto (20-29)
@words_are_swords (20-29)
@con.bombadil (34-35)
@mixedmedia14 (18)
@declanbannon (34)
@paracinemascopic (44)
@barfordemily (44)
@francyfree (45)
@ihateomen (53)
@thedarkroom_photography (54)
@sophi_katz0x9o6x0 (55)

Grim Contributors – Thank you all so much for sending in your work, I really appreciate it and your work really does make a massive difference to the darkness within Grims’ pages

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