Grim 2 – November-2 2017


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12 A5 pages
Hand Made
Black and White
‘Not for Profit’ model
Each one signed by me
Same day dispatch
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Grim 2 – Dark Art Zine November-2 2017

Some of you are now aware of Grim, the ‘cheap-as-chips’, low tech, hand made monthly collection of dark art images and words. I previously mentioned how I was inspired by indie street publications of the 70’s and 80’s, and that this form of rough reproduction fits my work perfectly and serves to enhance the mysterious and, in part, the enigmatic nature of the content. I also mentioned that money is no motivation here; the whole idea is to keep Grim cheap as possible to the point of throw-away, and the price reflects this. This is fun and experimental, and as long as printing and delivery costs are covered I’m happy.

Improvements in this edition:
Now, this second edition has been a blast to make and, following on from your feedback, I’ve made a few changes and enhancements:

Tracey Katz has the most deliciously twisted, creepy mind and her words are now illustrated in a regular ‘nasty little vignette‘ section. Tracey’s stuff is so cool! I feel privileged to have her words included.

Of equally interesting mind is this month’s front cover contributor; seeing the potential for this creepy image is Jack O Hare.

There is another improvement which further enhances the tactile nature of Grim.

The ongoing idea for Grim is to include the work of other dark creatives to help create beautifully grim printed material. If you’re reading this and think you have something that may fit, images and/or words, then get in touch.

So that’s it for this month’s edition. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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