Grim 20 Autumn/Winter 2020


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78 A5 Pages
Dark art & texts from many Grim contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Hand sewn spine
Black and white reproduction on photocopy paper
Each copy signed
Not-for-profit (costs only)
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Grim 20 Autumn/Winter 2020

Grim is a not-for-profit (costs only) retro grunge styled, hand-made (where possible), xeroxed dark art zine.

This edition, then, is a meaty 78 pages, 20 more than the last edition, and contains some absolutely wonderful dark artwork and narratives contributed by artists from all over Europe, the US and Australia! Grim Featured artist for this edition is Claudia Pomowski whose dark, surreal collages form the centre piece for Grim 20. Her works are challenging and make us think about death, horror and with that, surprisingly, a black humour often emerges. I interviewed Claudia and, together with selected works, it builds up quite an in-depth picture of how she has managed throughout Corvid-19, her artistic motivations and a whole lot more besides. I was delighted when Claudia agreed to be featured in Grim Zine.

In addition to Claudia’s work,  Grim also features works from Maxime Lebrun with mixed media collage work; beautiful, bizzare, highly textured and placed firmly in an erotic realm.  Maxime’s creative works, although reproduced via a black & white xerox here, are even more impactful seen in their colour originals – a must see! Further to Maxime’s work Grim 20 features the masterful creations of Spanish artist Roger Labat; through his wonderful head/skull relics he challenges the ‘vulnerability of the human being’ ( Beautiful in the grotesque.

Agustin Slobos has several images within Grims pages where his work is divided into two areas: his own work, and those where he’s collaborated with other artists. In both cases the work is stunning through his dark manipulations; elegant, gruesome, beautiful are only a few words that describe what I see.

Dark written words show themselves again on Grims pages by two of its regular writers: Dean Drinkel and Tracey Katz.  Tracey’s fantastic ‘Transcript of Dr Praetorian’, another gruesome story of the mad doctor illustrated wonderfully by artist Maria Careto. In addition to Dean’s dark story ‘Me, Because, of You’ there’s an interview with him and which provides a very interesting and very insightful into a dark mind. A must read!

There are many other contributors including the excellent digital art of Volcano Digital, illustration by lnrhewett and Tenguguro and more!! There really is too much to list here. And I want to say a heartfelt thank you to ALL contributors for kindly supplying their wonderful works; Grim has grown enormously because of you. Thank you.

Copyright © reb3kill (l) & Wojtek Kowalski (r)

Copyright © Agustin Slobos (l) & Roger Labat (r)

Copyright © Claudia Pomowski (l) & Maxime Lebrun (r)


Credits & Contributors in this edition:

Here’s a list of everyone involved in edition 20 (IG tags).

@doomsday_wildcat (3)
Kyzyl Khun ‘Memento Mori’ (4)
Wojtek Kowalski (5)
@_maria_careto (8 – 14) Illustrations
@words_are_swords (8 – 14) Story
@deandrinkell (20 – 27) Story & Interview
@lnrhewettillustration (28 – 29)
@con.bombadil (31)
@theartofagustinslobos (32 – 37)
@tenguguro (39 – 41)
@roger_labat (42 – 47)
@c.pom (48 – 65) Feature Artist, Images & Interview
@volcanodigital (66 – 73)
@reb3kill (74 – 75)

Grim Contributors – Thank you all so much.

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