Grim 5 – February 2018


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16 A5 pages
Hand Made
Black and White
‘Not for Profit’ model
Each one signed by me
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Grim 5 – Dark Art Zine February 2018

I can’t believe it’s the February edition already! Grim 5, another 16 page edition,  sees its cover image given over to artist Kim Bo Yung whose superb work always excites me and fits perfectly within Grims’ dark, weird world. Very fitting too are the writings of The Suicidal Rabbit which reinforce the darkness, melancholy and depravity within. Yes Grim, with its contributors, is maturing into something much more substantial  – there are even page numbers now!

Since its launch in October 2017 a lot of you have commented on how refreshing it is to see something being made following a ‘not for profit’ model. I’m really keen to promote the excellent work of Grims’ kind contributors, as well as my own work, and thought provoking writing; and by publishing Grim ‘at cost’ it removes the distraction from monetary motivations and ensures that Grims’ content remains firmly in focus. Putting together this dark art zine has been a blast, not only because of all the wonderful contributor works which now adorn Grims’ pages, but more so because of the genuine want of these contributors to be a part of it all. I’m speechless at how many of you are interested enough to buy a copy!

Excerpt from page 13 of this edition by The Suicidal Rabbit:

‘Sometimes i like to lick things because the taste is always different from how it looks and i always wondred what it would taste like if i licked a dead body because i wonder if it would taste like the life it once was or if it would taste like death but then if you think about it death tastes like lunch because a chicken sandwich is a death sandwich that tastes amazing so if i killed someone and i put them between bread could i avoid being put behind bars if i tell them i am on a cookery show and that i am only trying out a new recipe, even if i told them they could all have a slice and it makes me wonder if i killed myself and lay on a bed made of potatoes and vegetables would i become a feast or just a freak lay on a bed of rotting food?’

Contributors in this edition

Cover Image:
Kim Bo Yung

Polina, Melody, Silk, Becky, Carys, Martine

The Suicidal Rabbit, EM

Once again, without Grims’ kind contributors, this would never have reached as many folks as it has. Thank you so much 🙂

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