Grim 6 – March 2018


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16 A5 pages
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Black and White
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Grim 6 – Dark Art Zine March 2018

When I started out on this Grim thing back in September last year I had a goal to produce 12 issues; that seemed a tall order back then but here’s Grim 6 and I’m already half way through! Looking back through past issues I’m delighted at how it’s evolved into something more than just a few photos slapped on the page; now it is far more rounded with words and illustrations supplied by Grims’ very kind contributors. I wanted Grim to be more than my images; I wanted it to be quite an eclectic collection of dark stuff, and this is how it’s turned out. What’s more future Grims’ will have more pages but I’ll tell you about that next month 🙂

Excerpt from page 8/9 “Post Mortem” by Tracey Katz:

‘Beginning dissection of throat. Vertical incision from chin to wound edges. Initial incision … what the … what the hell is that? Clear, viscous fluid seeping from incision. Pulling back flaps of skin, inverted V shape. More clear fluid …. but … fluid has letters in it. Sample fluid taken for analysis. Letters are, they’re composed of …. it’s not letters. Words. Words in black, but it’s not ink. No blurring or running. How did they …. are they even organic matter? I don’t. I’ve never. What the hell is this?’

Contributors in this edition

Seren, Martine, Becky, Carys

The Suicidal Rabbit, EM

Tracey Katz, The Suicidal Rabbit


Once again, without Grims’ kind contributors, this would never have reached as many folks as it has. Thank you so much 🙂

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