Grim – 1 – Dark Art Zine (Nov 2017)


In darkness there is beauty

12 pages, A5 Portrait
Hand Made
Black and White
Standard photocopy paper
Not for profit – sold for cost.
Same day dispatch (providing I’ve got stock)

Delivery to UK is FREE
Europe & Ireland: £1.50
USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand: £5.00


What is Grim all about? Look below.


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Grim – First edition, November 2017

Grim is a ‘cheap-as-chips’, low tech, hand made monthly collection of rough-and-ready pages with a bias toward dark imagery. Grim was inspired by indie street publications of the 70’s and 80’s, most notably band flyers. This form of rough reproduction fits my work perfectly and serves to enhance the mysterious and, in part, the enigmatic nature of the images. So, Grim and my style of art are a perfect fit I wish I’d thought of this years ago!

Seeing my work through ‘cut and paste’, scissors and glue methods together with found materials is very exciting for me and results in something visually interesting. Grim isn’t about any meaningful allegory, instead it is intended to be something quick to put together and interesting to look at; no more, no less.

Money is not my motivation and as long as my printing and delivery costs are met I’m happy. It’s all a bit of an experiment so I’ve no idea if any of you will want Grim but I’ve only a limited number ready to go right now but because they’re so easy and quick to make I’ll have new stock ready in a couple of days if I need to.

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