GrimAi 22 Special Edition


40 A5 Pages
Dark Ai art from many contributors
My own work is in here too, of course!
Hand Sewn spine
Black and white reproduction on photocopy paper
Not-for-profit (costs only)
Same day dispatch
Dispatched using Royal Mail Standard Services. Delivery costs and times can be seen here



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(Images Top Left to Bottom Right: Bill Hoffman, Roberto Segate, Artificial Bob x 2, Adam Medford x 2)
GrimAi 22 Special Edition

GrimAi Edition 22 is a not-for-profit zine featuring the dark, beautiful and horrific art from several artists across the globe. This edition is different to the Grim Zine’s which preceeded in that it is dedicated purely to generative art and texts; all images are generated by a computer, usually from a ‘prompt’ or idea which the artist inputs. Often the image is then further worked on by the artist so rather than a one-sided excersise it becomes an artistic collaboration, the generated image becoming a start point from which the artist continues work. Ai art is a contentious subject, which I’ll not go into here, so enjoy GrimAi for what it is, simply a 40 page collection of some of the best Ai art, yes, as measured by me!

I think Ai art is as beautiful as it is horrific and I LOVE IT which is why I put together to this special edition Grim Zine.

Contributors in this edition:

Front Cover: Roberto Segate
1 Roberto Segate @robertosegate
2 Eric Brenner @EWBStuff
3/4 Roberto Segate
5/6 Tommy Oddity @tommy_oddity
7/8 Dark Philosophy @DarkPhilosophy
9/10 Tommy Oddity
11/12 Tamer Azab @thetamzy
13/14 Artificial Bob @ArtificialBob
15/16 Ilse Weber
17/18 Roberto Segate
19/20 Babak Bina @bina.babak
21 Roberto Segate
22 Tamer Azab
23/24 Dark Philosophy
26/27 Eric Brenner
27/28 Tommy Oddity
29/30 Adam Medford @strange_creature_collages
31/32 Eve Art @evegomez
33 Babak Bina
34 Tamer Azab
35/36 Eric Busch @erokone
37 Bill Hoffman
38 Roberto Segate
Rear Cover Roberto Segate

Enormous thanks to all the artists featured for kindly contributing your creations – Roberto

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