Tombstone Review or Northbarrow Institute

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A review of Northbarrow Institute by German webzine Tombstone translated using Google translate.

The photo book ” Northbarrow Institute “is for all clinically crazy friends of absolute darkness and morbid. Here is the English photographer and digital artist Roberto Segate from Swansea in Wales after a first photo book, refilled a retrospective of his work, as it could not be macabre in our worst nightmares. The compilation shows exactly what we have to a psychiatric stay always suspected and feared and probably only marginally we encounter in real life in the 50s and 60s films. In this time and in the moorlands of North Yorkshire is also the Northbarrow Institute settled, which, for example on page 23 or 27 of the illustrated book by the forensic Illumination of a supposedly found dead blonde well expressed. Whatever the image band is mounted documentary, so it is not from the very beginning is Alarmingly, very clear that this is a fictional device.

Mostly female and beautiful models are presented in very impressive, oppressive, intimate and touching moments. As noted on page 53, on which the patient bites down her wrists. An atmosphere of terror pervades the images. This let us shudder or arouse voyeuristic appetite for more. Even with the male models, it is understood Roberto Segate to tickle the indwelling madness out. Figures a short excerpt of a case record is always attached that read no less grotesque and underline the respective photo skillfully. The short texts look like written with an old typewriter documents. This loan, even if you do not speak the English, visually the photo book a documentary character and the scanned pictures the necessary emphasis. The authenticity is emphasized by drawn floor plans. The photographed a muralist or example drawn pictures on filing sheets, are incorporated works by artists such as Nicola Gatenby , Lauren Kate Preston ,  Stephen Scott and Marina Schreckling . But only the recordings of the deadly Sisters of nurses, will certainly find their lovers.


Conclusion : The overall impression speaks for itself all the time, so this 150-page photo ribbon can be presented without hesitation also in the German-speaking countries. To relate these is in Germany only on direct sales via the homepage of the artist, for the equivalent of about 31,00 Euro additional postage. I tried it and was very pleased with the ease of ordering and prompt delivery. A real recommendation for all friends of the morbid.

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